I am currently working on a game called realm knights (http://www.realm-knights.tk) i need 2 c++ programmers.

Email at yonlongshots@hotmail.com or realm_knights@hotmail.com
or post at the forums at realm knights.

Or even post on here :D

Nice web site. I specially liked the part when I was teased into thinking you had screenshots. I love when I click on a link and don't see what I intended to see. ;)

The old parchment paper style is very nice indeed. I couldn't find anywhere on the site about the specifics of the game however. Check out all the other posts that exist on this forum about making a game.

hi dougy here i made www.realm-knights.tk glad u like it i know ur anoyed bout no screenys but keep checking back n looking on the forums there shud b pics soon o and if u post on the forums themain programer has used alot of ideas given by the 82 users we have after about a week of the forum bin on

Is your site down? It just seems to forever load on my computer

nevahmind it's working now

Who's dougy? :shock: Yeah, I was a little bit annoyed. One of the first rules in web site usability is to avoid putting "coming soon" links. Looks like you still got a good thing going though. Post back here when you got screenshots.