Hi, I am creating a game the asks the user if they want to play again at the end.

If the user answers yes, I want python to execute the program again starting from the beginning.

I have tried searching, but could not find anything.

Is there anything in Python that does this?


I don't know if there's a "proper" method of doing this, but I have the code look something like this:

# function to call
def myFunction():
    print "code here"
    return True

# main program
redo = True
while redo == True:
    redo = myFunction()
    # if myFunction does not return True, then the code will end.

That's a pretty basic, although most likely not "proper" or "correct" way of doing it. Hope that helped!

I used to do this is i wanted to restart the file:

exec file("File Name Here")

That will re-open your python program again.

Ah, brilliant! I didn't know that the exec function could be used to execute a python script... thanks - I learned something new! :D

A nice way is to use an exception. An exception allows you to exit the game at any moment, for example you could write this

class RestartException(Exception):

class QuitException(Exception):

def askUser():
    # somewhere deep inside the game
    s = raw_input("do you want to restart ?")
    if s == "yes":
        raise RestartException
    elif s == "quit":
        raise QuitException

def main():
    do_play = True
    while do_play:
        do_play = False
            game = Game() # initializes the game
        except RestartException:
            do_play = True
        except QuitException:
            print "Thank you for playing!"

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