does anyone know of a good java compiler that can make executable files. I want to be able to run my programs that are not applets without having to open my IDE everytime to execute them. I want to be able to asign them an icon and put them on the desktop for instance. Any suggestions anybody??

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research executable jar files. You can do exe files by some programs, but it just packages the jre or jvm in there.


You might also look at the GNU compiler for Java. It compiles Java code to native machine code. But it has some limitations. Mostly the class library. But they are adding new classes all the time. This site has more info.



GCJ is a very poor implementation. It's platform specific (like all native compilers), extremely incomplete (effectively utterly useless), and generally a pain in the ass when trying to set up Java correctly on any machine it's installed on.

executable Jars and JNLP (Java WebStart) are the way to go.

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