I have a simple program that has retreived the first number of a 12 number set from a text file. I am trying to convert this character array into a double or float so I can work with it, but none of the conversions are working. Anyone have any suggestions how I can do this? My code is posted below.

String * strFilename = "c:/points";
	__wchar_t chrCoords __gc[] = new __wchar_t __gc[5];
	if (!File::Exists(strFilename))
		Console::WriteLine(S"File not found.  Exiting...");
		return -1;

		FileStream* fs = new FileStream(strFilename, FileMode::Open);
		StreamReader* sr = new StreamReader(fs);

		sr->ReadBlock(chrCoords, 1, 4);
		float fltX = chrCoords;
	catch(System::Exception* ExErr)

um.. are you using C# or something? Anyways in C stdlib library there is a function that can do what you want.
sscanf() the name is.
An example of its use would be
sscanf (string,"%f",float); It will take the first float from the string provided on the left and put its value into the float variable provided on the right.