Hey everyone,

I'm working with a login form in my application. The easiest way I can see to do the authentication is to query a user/pass database for any rows that match the given username and password. How can I send a query when the user clicks OK?

Am I doing this the hard way? Is there something easier?


The easiest way would be to put a set password and just compare the entered pass to a set string.

dim pas as string = "hello"
'then in your button put event
if textbox.text = pas then
msgbox("try again")
end if

the other way i can think of, if u want to let the user register is to use a txt file. put all the usernames and pass in there. and the use .split to seperate each set of info. Although that would be very easy to crack since its in a txt file. Then again...encoding it would solve that problem.