I'm building a new database program using VB, I want to use the datetimepicker to do this:

Show today's date on the datetimepicker,
Show today's "to do" in a Text box (it would know it was today because it would be linked to the datetimepicker


If I change the date on the datetimepicker, it would change the text in the text box, to be that days "to do"

If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it 8)

you need to store the todo list in the database .fetch the same as per date of dtipicker and display.

I want to say as like debasis.
1st store todo list and then show it, by dtpicker.

Thanks guys, I'm still new to this whole thing, and just building a new program and wanting to add some fun little functions into it, I think this would be really nice to have... My only question is, would I be able to add to the database files from within the text box that I can also view info? If so then that would be great, thanks again for the useful info, I will get to work on it 8)