hello every1,

I am a college student and a new user on this forum just like I'm new to VB, please take it as if I know NOTHING about VB, I have VB 6.0 on my system, and I av a mini project to submit b4 February 20, 2009. I have a load of questions and will be very grateful if any1 can help me out.

I am creating a system (say database) a simple 1, i call it a 'Student management system', all I want from the system is to be able to store students' info, and to retrieve info conveniently (queries) in the so called database, I av 6 tables i.e. student, course, module, mark, payment, attendance. All these tables av been created using Microsoft Access, but right now, I am ‘stagnant’, why?

Cos I need VB for my interface, like having a form or interface with VB where I'll enter the infos and link it to the appropriate table in the Microsoft access for storage in the database. The question is; HOW DO I GO ABOUT THE VISUAL BASIC ASPECT OF THE PROJECT, AND HOW DO I LINK THE VB WT THE MICROSOFT ACCESS TABLES?

I tried to be explicit in the above description, but if u dont understand my concern, pls feel free to ask for clarification, once again, I know 'nothing' about VB, so it will be appreciated if u can teach me from the start, or if you av any web link that would be useful for a layman like me.