how can i make the ide word wrap

when i am writing lines of code, the code goes so far in width that I have to use the arrow button on my keyboard to see the end of line
dev c++ windows xp

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Programmers do not use "word wrap".
Try hitting "Enter" once in a while.

you dont need word wrap

its bad for programmers

also c++ doesnt care abput line breaks much, thats why there is the ;

word wrapping in java

If your code gets very long each line, you may need to reconsider how you code it or how your variable name should be. Yes, there may be a way to speed up or optimize your code by putting it in one line, you are trading off with its readability. I would not try to optimize or speed up my program until I get it correctly first.

If you have long lines that go off the screen just separate it onto multiple lines

for (thisReallyLongVariableName = anotherVeryLongName; thisReallyLongVariableName < 
    somethingRealyComplex; thisReallyLongVariableName += moreOfTheSameStuff
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