Hiii all,

I am sanhita Bhide form australia and doing Graduation In Information Technology. I am doing Vb.Net as one of my subject I am having a project in relation with windows application in Vb.Net in which we are required to build a windows based application for a "Car Auction dealership".

Background: Your company has been contracted to build a Car Auction system that manages Auctions of Cars for a dealership in Sydney. The system has four main parts.

1) a Security system that allows appropriate users limited access to the system.

2) a System that allows employees of the car dealership to create a car auction

3) a System that allows employees of the car dealership to manage auctions

4) a reporting system that allows several reports to be run.
We have been asked to make a database in Access 2003 and utilize the .NET libraries, including ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Windows forms. I would be glad if some one would help me with it.

along with it for the further studies in Vb in which i am not going very well . I would like to have some guidlines about how to start learning it by my self and how to improve my Logic and coding style?

Thanking you , In anticipation

How do u expect all that here in a free forum like this.

I am not expecting the answer But some guidelines!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou !!! Just some direction to follow!!!!!!

vb.net is easy to learn , I learned it to do my final project
There are many good books for learning vb.net that you can buy. See this link

the implementation (writing the code ) of your system will be the last step you do , you need now to fully understand your system and its function (analyzing it)