What would be a good tutorial for Hangman. I have an assignment where I need to create the game using five classes. I found a couple online but they are incomplete. I'm a beginner to c++ and I would appriciate any help or guidance from you guys.

Thanks in advance


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I don't think you will find a tutorial for Hangman. You will instead want tutorials to understand the concepts required to create the hangman program, and it is up to you to decide what these concepts are...

As a start you could learn about user input/output, e.g. how will you get a letter from the user, and what will you do with it?


When it comes to actual programming it is very easy. The main issue as sillyboy mentioned is understanding the concept of the game.

Since you are a beginner try thinking what are the classes you need and what it should do. Once you accomplish that go through the program step by step.

Your assignment requires you to implement 5 classes or it was your idea?


I attached a picture of what it should look like but just dont know how to start the thing. Back to reading more. Thanks for the advice.

By "what it should look like", does this mean this is what it is REQUIRED to look like or is this somebody's advice that you can take and leave, or is this something you found somewhere or designed yourself or what? Most important, do you know how to read the diagram you posted? If not, it won't do you any good. Good place to start: the menu and a "thank you for playing" message if the user selects quitting and a message like "You've chosen to play a new game" if the user picks that option. Do it one step at a time and decide how complex this is going to be (i.e. keep track of wrong guesses, display them, display scores, etc.). There are lots of features you can implement or not implement. Decide what those will be. But again, start with an easy menu with two options (play or quit), and call a function and display something based on that choice. Then go from there.

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