I have a similar problem like this one


the only difference is that I cant access the control DataAdapter.

I have like 4 DataAdapters on my Form and I need to access them through a loop to change some of their properties.

How can i acomplish that?

Thank in advance

What problem are you having doing so?

for (int i = 0; i < this.Controls.Count; i++)
temp = this.Controls[i].Name;

Doesnt find the DataAdapter Control. It isnt in Controls.

So how can I access all the DataAdapter Controls on my Form?

Thanks in advance

As it says, dataadapters DONT show on the controls list. nor do they show on the components list (components do show some of the non visible elements)

The obvious way would be to either name your dataadapters or, make an array/List of them so you can walk them if you make some on the fly.

OK , I did thought of the array, but I hoped that there would be a build in solution.