I had some difficulty in getting the list of all the path of the My Documents Folder in XP and Vista. Since for every Account there is, there will an assigned path for that account to its own My Documents folder. I also heard that is only true to the English setting of a particular machine, but for other languages its not that way.

Anaybody had an idea how to do this??

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Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments could be useful for you :)

Thanks for the idea. But that would only return a single path. Example there would be 3 user accounts in an XP Machine, what i want is to get all the 3 path that is the My Documents folder of the 3 accounts. The Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments would return only the path of My Documents for the current user.


You can easily approach your documents and files with upper address bar. I am simply use it when i face any kind of virus or any other problem from which my drives are not opened.

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