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I would like you to help me as below:
I want to create a project for manage student information and i have one table store student information in the table have student ID, Student Name, Address, Photo.... and i want to insert student information with photo and i want to display it and using 2005 and SQL Server 2000.

Please help me to give the sample.

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Basically you convert an image to an array of bytes and store the byte array to image- or blob-typed field. This same principal applies to most databases, not just SQL Server.

There's a code snippets in my blog which can be used to insert pictures to DB:
- converting image to binary data: Convert image to byte array and vice versa
- saving binary data to DB: Save binary data to SQL Server with VB.NET

You may want to check also sierrainfo's links, but basically they have the same idea.

Dear Sir

Thank you for your help, but I still don't understand about this can you give me the program becuase my knowlage is low.


You have already got links to samples. Take a look at them, read VB.NET tutorials and learn. When you run into a problem you can't solve yourself, ask for help in these forums. Here's a plenty of professional programmers and enthusiastic hobbyist who are ready to help you.

These forums are not any "free-coder-for-you" sites. If you want someone to make the application for you, hire a programmer. There are other sites for that.

Sorry for the "hard" text. Happy learning :)

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