I'm new to c++ like most people here, but i'm trying to learn to do C++ if one of my courses and its not going well (been given 6 powerpoints to go by). Ok so to the questions:

Using Dev-C++ for programming and whenver i put in a number wrong or character on the bottom of the program is lists different error codes and i do not understand them.

Appreciate any advice or suggestions


The error codes are usually self explanatory, though with Dev-Cpp that can be a different story since the IDE is currently 'dead' (it works, but it is old and I believe it only deals with gcc and old MingW compilers).

Use Code::Blocks or Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express edition (recommended). Then again this depends on the type of OS you're using of course @_@.

Don't be discouraged! The majority of the people on this forum will help you when they can (including me XP ). Also if all else fails, copy your error code (or the portion of it that seems to be a recurring theme) and paste it on Google or MSDN. Chances are high that there is some kind of forum post or detailed description of the error floating around on the web!

And good luck! =)


And also pay attention to where the error message points you. It should include the line number of the code where the compiler believes the problem is. This will at least focus your attention to the right place.

Beware that sometimes the actual problem is a line or two or three above where the compiler indicates.

Neither do i..Detail please..