Hi Could someone please help me do this final yer project please, your help is greatfully apperiated. Here it is:

The form should be white and in the centre of the screen.

There is a vertical black line down the entire form, dividing it into approximately two halves.

All the required command buttons and the controls representing the parts of the body are on the right of this line.

There are two command buttons with captions, Initialise and Exit respectively.

There are four command buttons, each representing a part of the person i.e. Head, Body, Right leg and Left leg. The user should draw the person in this order (assume you are looking at the front of the person).

You must use a shape control array for the four parts of the body and another control array for the corresponding four command buttons.

In the initial state: the Initialise button is not enabled; the Exit button is enabled and this is the only time the user can exit; all the parts of the person are not visible but the corresponding command buttons are visible and enabled.

When the user clicks, in the correct order, one of the command buttons representing a part of the person, that part appears on the screen. The head is a circle and the other three parts are rectangles. When the user clicks on a button in the correct order then the drawing is said to be in the correct state. While the drawing is correct, the two command buttons Initialise and Exit cannot be used.

If the user goes from Head to Left leg in the correct order then the drawing is completed. At this stage, a small Image moves to a new random position in the left-hand side of the form, stops for a bit and then moves to another random position and so on. The Image starts from the top left hand corner of the form. The left hand side and top of the image should not go beyond the edges of the form nor past the dividing line. The user is only allowed to return to the initial state, the image then stops moving and returns to the top left hand corner.

If, at anytime, the user clicks the wrong part of the person then the drawing is not correct. All parts of the body and their command buttons disappear and a message box indicates that the drawing is not correct. The user is only allowed to return to the initial state.

Please post code, or ask specific question. What part(s) of those instructions do you not understand? No one here is going to do your homework for you if that is what you have in mind.