i am complete novice at image processing please i have a problem plz can any one of u can provide me with a simple c or c++ code for the problem ...............with comments

i have a floor plan of a building here is the link

our software can divide the image into four areas, left up, right up, left bottom and right bottom (base on the image size).

Then you software should be able to convert it to a text explanation.

For example, two shapes of XYZ (e.g. cars), located in the left bottom.

remember it can be for any image

Pattern recognition and image analysis is a complex subject. You are better-off hiring someone to do it.

Good luck!

There is no simple c ,c++ code for such complex homework , you professor should give the algorithm to detect car in an image and you just code it.

I guess if your not doing this for a class and therefor do not want to reinvent the wheel you should take a look at opencv its a neat open source computer vision library.