How can I set the include path in C++ using command line


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Include path of what ? I guess you need to add it in your makefile.

Let me elaborate it
I have opened a VC++.net project

When I compile the project I am getting an error.

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Test/Testnamespaces.h': No such file or directory

Now I have created a folder 'Test' and add a header file 'Testnamespaces.h'.

But still I am getting the same error.

The Question is where you've Created the Test Folder. Place with your code files. it will identify the header file in that folder then.


I have created the folder in the root folder of the project.


If the include line looks like:

#include "Test/Testnamespaces.h"

it should look for the Test directory in the same directory the source file was located in, or in the include path.

If you used:

#include <Test/Testnamespaces.h>

the compiler will not look in the source file's directory first.

Which style of include did you use?

If this doesn't help, the relevant section from your code would be useful as well as the project directory listing to demonstrate where the files are located in relation to each other.

how to specify include path when compiling c++ files?

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