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I am trying to Call a exe or DLL from sql server trigger using xp_cmdshell. Trigger is for an external application and for inserting a record. exe is executed successfully but trigger is not completed succefully and my external application is also not complted and it sows some error msg -"Description: Vendor. Database error (operation=GET, error=0). [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Connection is busy with results for another command Please refer this error to your database administrator or see your database documentation for further assistance." Please provide some solution... Provide me alternative for xp_cmdshell to call a exe or dll.

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I created one dll which talk with SharePoint Web Service and Return DataSet to crystal Report & also it fetch update Database with new Data.

dll is run when crystal report loded first time. all methods are called and DB Updated.

Now i want to call this dll from SQL 2005 is it Posible?

if Yes? then How............

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Vibhuti Singh

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