Hello People ,
I am creating a project in VB.net . now the problem is there are several forms and i start with the login form my login consist of three major fields username , password , type now the type here is the type of user accessing the application types can be a manager or a data entry operator now the thing is that i can open the my MDI form through the login form and it has several menu items.
Now when i click OK on the login form i need only certain menu items to be enabled as in if the user type is data entry operator then the Menu Item transaction or the reports should not be enabled as he can not use them. So plz help me with a necessary code to perform it..

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did you try

menuitem.enabled = false

in place of the menuitem you write the name of the menu item in your program.


I would like to tell u that i tried this also i wantto tell u that this action of enabling or disabling of menu is to be done once i click ok on the login form well the menu which are to be disabled or enabled are on other form and not on the same form so plz help me to solve this error by keeping this in mind .... thank U

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