i need to automate web browser using vb.net

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what d u mean-u mean u want to open the browser using vb.net..!

hi prretham.saroja, first thanks for reply !

i want to open any website in web browser using vb.net, and then i want to record the all events that happened on the web site like clicking, enter data in text box etc. i know it is complicated to understand. for example, i open the rediff.com in web browser and then i enter my userid and password and then i read a particular mail what has an attachment and then i save that attachment on desktop.
i need to store or record all events and next time i don't want to do all steps again, i just want to click on button and that attachment should be save on desktop. i mean all events should be automatically. if don't understand please tell me i will try again.

So basically you need a BOT. Which will work for you:) This can be done.

You can certainly develop this, but there are many programs out there which can do this for you.

I use a program called Automation Anywhere http://www.tethyssolutions.com/automation-software.htm
It has a web recorder tool that records all web actions. We use it automate reports at my company.

Please read this article and you can download the sample app i have created. You can customize this application as per your need.

Let me know if it helps. You can read more code articles here

hi Binoj Daniel,
first thanks for reply.
i read your article , i think it really can help me.
so i downloded it. but when i run it it was not working properly. i just made one change only, i used "rediff.com" in place of "coderewind.com".
it gives error about link. so please tell me now what should i do ?

What error does it give, see it is customized for coderewind.com., to make it work with rediff. you have to get the form element names on the rediff. site.

Use Selenium IDE to record automation macro for firefox thats best in World...!!!

See attachment

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