After using MFC, I felt like throwing it away. I thought to move on to Win32 API programming (I work on Windows platform.)
But then, it is all C. I dont say i dont like C, but is there any better OO alternative to MFC for Win32 platform? Or should i make my own classes from API ,whenever required?

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What's the problem in using C++ and Win32 api ?!!!!

I think you better try WTL/ATL, you might find it interesting.

@ salem :
thank you for the reference. :)

@ marco93 :
i never said i have problem with C++ and Win32 API..Its just that i didnt like using MFC. I love both C and C++. So i definitely wont have any problem with C++ and Win32 API. :)

@ laiq ahmed :
sure. I will give them a try :)

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