I'm having a problem on how to create a program on c++ that creates its own file and storage capabilities. I'm planning to have an interface like this so I put a little detail about the program just to give you the idea of what I actually mean... it goes like this...


1. Create Profile
2. Search Listed Profiles
3. Search Details
4. Exit

That is a simple interface but what drives me crazy is on how to save the data that was stored in the variables. I've already used array technique but every time I shut the program, I could never access those data again if I choose the #2 option which is the "Search Listed Profiles" and #3 option which is the "Search Details". Is there anyway that I could do just to make that program work the way that I want it to be? I mean, the capabilities of such program that I'm dreaming of. I'm trying to copy the capabilities of a Database software.:?:

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