I just need a direction to go with this.. a simple program that assists with unix and/or windows GUI creation.

I have fairly simple program using classes, virtual functions and inheritance. The functions are all implemented by a switch w/ 6 options that call one of the functions.

Now what I would like to do is create a GUI for this. A simple GUI. Imagine a calculator with the top screen acting as the cout area of what would be displayed. Then 6 buttons that reference the functions via switch.

anyone know of a program to easily do this? The program would be best if unix/windows compatible.. but unix compatible is #1 priority

There is no single windowing toolkit. Something like GTK may be a good idea as its supported on linux and windows

my prof through this in as a last minute day twist for extra credit. Alot. Now I do all my programming in ubuntu or windows. It is preferred to do it in the school sun lab. but.. I obviously don't have privileges to install anything.. Everything must compile on a sun workstation

could the libraries or installation options pose any possible problems? I don't think anyone is expected to successful do this in 1 day.. but I'll give it a shot.

if there is an active internet connection u can use ubuntu live cd and download the GTK+ Libraries and begin programming with GTK+.