Hi everybody!!

I would like to save a text file in Shift-Jis format but by default the file is always save in UTF-8.

I'm using fopen, fput and fclose to create and work with that file, but I don't think that there is any parameter for those functions which can modified the format of the saved data.

Another option would be after having the file saved in UTF-8 format, make a conversion to JIS, but no idea how to do that.

Btw, my OS is Debian Linux, for programming I'm using C on Anjuta.

Any help is welcome.

P.S.: Sorry for my poor English :S

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I solved it in the easy way. I call a shell script from within my program.

The problem is solved but not in the "C way" which it is the purpose of this forum. I guess that following the hint that Salem write down it could be possible, but I have not time to research about it. If somebody wants to solve it, the challenge is still here.

Thanks everybody.

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