Im learning VPython and im doing a tutorial that i found on the net and i start my program and when i press the red x at the top of the screen the window closes but the pythom shell and the editing window closes aswell, any ideas?
heres my code if that helps:

from visual import *

def main():
    sphere(pos=vector(2,4,0), radius=0.20, color = color.white)
    sphere(pos = vector(-3,-1,0), radius = 0.15, color =

if __name__ == '__main__': main()

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Which editor are you using. My guess is that you are using PyScripter.

Nah, i'm using IDLE which comes with python

why not use Wing IDE? It have been my IDE for python. I have tried many; SPE, Pyscripter BOA, etc and found Wing IDE both easy and Powerful. If you don't Like to pay $ there is 101 version with stripped feature but have Editor, Run/Debug, Methoda/Class browser!

I suggest it, but again it is a matter of preference!

Does that have a run function? the reson i use IDLE is because i cant find a different editor that you can run code with

Nah, i'm using IDLE which comes with python

Actually VPython comes with it's own version of IDLE. That one behaves okay. It uses the regular IDLE but changes the property settings.

One IDE I use a lot is DrPython, and it gives me no problems with VPython code.

Not only Run, but also debug, which is missing in IDLE. There is also browser for classes and methods if you have long code. I used for sometime 101 version before I bought the personal Edition. After I master well the Language I will go for Pro version. From my point of view, 101 verion is best than many free IDE available and too superior to compare with IDLE

Dont take me at my word, do it yourself

How do you run that version of IDLE?

Im on linux btw

How do you run that version of IDLE?

When you install VPython it normally installs an icon called "IDLE for VPython" on your desktop. Look at its properties from the right click menu. Don't know how it installs on Linux though. Give DrPython a try it comes in a Linux version.

It doesnt do that on linux

Do you know any goood tutorials for VPython?

It doesnt do that on linux

My main problem with IDLE is that it uses TCL internally and loves to hang up on certain firewall settings.

Thanks man, that fixed that problem :)

yeah, thats true

Yeah but i cant get into much of that becauase the people who made Ubuntu are too damn proud of its over-secure os.

Thankyou for that :P

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