I have a windows server 2003 machiene but when i try to log on i get the error
This copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft. You cannot log on until you activate windows. Do you want to activate now?
I click yes and the activation appears but says
Windows is already activated. Click OK to exit.
I click ok and it logs me off again.
What do i do to get round this error?
Sam Rudge

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Hey Sam,

Have you tried calling the number on the activation screen? Maybe speaking to someone at MS they can stop it from what sounds like an endless and annoying loop. Sorry can't think of much else to do...

Don't wanna suggest a re-install in case your activation process doesn't then work because you've used the installation key before... actually that JUST MIGHT work. But ring MS and ask them first. It sounds like a new machine, so a re-install shouldn't be a problem right?

There is no number or anything on the activation screen just the message that i have already activated?
I think i will stick to linux in future :)
Sam Rudge

i had that happen on a couple of xp machines and had to reload winxp to fix it ,only way i could find around it .

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