I Recently Purchased A Refurbished Notebook Computer. It Had Been Updated With A Windows Server 2000 On It.

Recently When I Restarted The Computer, It Stop Loading And The Icons Will Not Load Onto The The Desktop. I Am Not Able To Locate The Icons On The Screen, Nor Will Anything Work In Normal Mode.

In Safe Mode Everything Works And I Can Find All Of The Icons.
I Have Troubleshooted This Problem And Have Been Told That I Need To Uninstall This Os.

I Want To Know How To Completely Uninstall Windows Server 2000 Os... I Do Not Have The Os Cd... I Am Very New To Computers And Would Really Appreciate Some Assistance.

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Do you have another OS that you want to install on to the computer? i.e. Windows 2000 or Windows XP ?

Do you have any software where like Partition Magic?

Thank You For Your Quick Reply.

Yes, I Have A Windows Xp Professional That I Would Like To Install.

No I Do Not Have Any Software Like Partition Magic.

What Does This Software Do?, Where Can I Get It? And Most Importantly, Will It Uninstall Windows Server 2000 So That I Can Install Windows Xp Professional?

if you just want to scrap the 2000 os and dont need to worry about it just popin windows xp pro disk and there is a partition manager on it that will allow you to delete your old windows 2k partition.

if you just need to remove the "os" its not exctly ez or possible

Yes, just run the Windows XP setup. Inside the setup, choose to reformat all existing drives. Install Windows XP on the C:\ drive ... Win2000Server should have previously been on C:\

Motion Carried!

Q u i c K Solution : take out ur disk and put it in as slave in another pc (e.g a friends pc) it will become derive D:\ there and format this disk :)
No software required Ha Ha This is how i recover non bootable disks

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commented: Idiot - you just awakened a thread from 2003 - that wasnt very bright was it -1

you just awakened a thread from 2003 - that wasnt very bright was it

Well you gotta have a install cd of some sort windows me windows xp home or pro or windows vista you need to delete the partition and reinstall windows thats the proper way to do it.

I read through the answers quickly. I have the same problem-I have a computer with Windows 2000-it's a hand me down. So, of course, I never got the discs. Now, I want and NEED to uninstall the Windows 2000-but I want to upgrade to Linux. (I have the discs from Ubantu.) How do I do this without loosing too much? I don't have a lot of space left-and for some reason, the install/uninstall on my control panel doesn't work. Do I need to somehow wipe if clean and start from scratch? How would I do that when the install/uninstall doesn't work? (Not to mention lose stuff-though I have transfered photos and important documents to portable flash and google docs.)


Thanks in advance.

Laura G.

Is your Windows working? You need to backup any files to cd or dvd that you want to keep then all you have to do is delete the partition using the Ubantu disk. Install Ubantu and your good to go. You have to boot to the Ubantu disk. You can't install or upgrade to Linux from windows.

It is best just to reformat the drive and then install Ubantu, unless you need the file structure intact. Most people do not.

You do not have to uninstall Windows 2000, just reformat over the C drive using the Linux CD/DvD

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