I hope it helps you, It is a sub proceedure with with a file open dialog object called "ofd" and the event object is called "cmdcopy" the text on the cmdcopy object is "Copy".

I leave you to fiddle with the snippet.

Private Sub cmdcopy_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdcopy.Click

       Dim filetocopy As String
          Dim stlen As Integer
         filetocopy = ofd.FileName
Dim ext As String
        Dim position As Integer

        ' We first try to get the index of the  "." symbol in the string
        position = InStr(filetocopy, ".")
        stlen = filetocopy.Length
        ext = filetocopy.Substring(position - 1, (stlen - position) + 1)

        'Dim check As Boolean 
        ' Dim location As String
        Dim newfile As String = "c:\newfile78" & ext ' At this point i choose to declare a file 
        If File.Exists(newfile) = True Then
            Dim overwrite As Integer
            overwrite = MessageBox.Show("Do you want to overwrite the existing file", "Overwrite file?", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question)

            If overwrite = vbYes Then

                File.Copy(filetocopy, newfile)
                MessageBox.Show("Successfully Copied" & vbNewLine & filetocopy & "to" & newfile)
            ElseIf overwrite = vbNo Then
                Exit Sub
            End If

        End If
        File.Copy(filetocopy, newfile & ext)
        MessageBox.Show("Successfully Copied" & vbNewLine & filetocopy & "to" & newfile)
End Sub

You may find My.Computer.FileSystem very useful. It has methods for FileCopy, FileExists and GetFileInfo, which in turn provides Length and Extension of the file.

A few scenarios where the "copy file"-code above does not work:
- "C:\Temp\myfile" (no extension)
- "C:\foo.bar\myfile" (dot in the path)
- "C:\Temp\.myfile" (dot as the first char in file name)

Otherwise the code seems just fine :)

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