hi all,

I am making an insurance policy application in which i want give the facility of attaching file to user.
Actually i want to give facility that suppose customer give the required papers like license copy or marksheet then user make scan of that files and attach that files to the users record.

so i make table for that attachment the fields contains are cust_id, attach_file_name and size_attach_file.

So can anybody help me and tell or give me some code for doing this.

thanks in advance


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The best solution to this, from what I can tell, is to have one of those fields (ie: attach_file_name) point to a given file in a designated directory. While it is theoretically possible, saving the bits of the image into the database itself is an awful idea. This ties yours hands in the future when you need to make corrections to the data (ie: renewed drivers license).

Let me know if I'm way off track here, or if this seems like something you are looking for.


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