Hi Guys I think the pic will explain better than me

Link To Image


As you can see Ill I'm trying to do is make forum thread maker/ poster It will be used for easy to update/create tutorials on the forums

Any Ideas where do I start Coding this ? lol ( I'm kinda Newb at this ) or some nice tutorial that could help me with this :D Thanks guys

Is this supposed to connect to the website automagically, and upload the new post.... or is it supposed to simply Generate something to be copy and pasted into the forum? If the latter, what is "Password" for?

This thing does not need to conect to website this is how it will work

I open up internet explorer and go to site... Sign in as normal on the site and that's it now as I'm loged in I will open up my progy I'm making

The progy will help me create tutorial's for photoshop and so on instead of me putting fill "[img]" tags I will just provide a link to picture fill in detailes and click post then my program will post it on forum that Im loged on :)

I hope this answears your question ?

Sure... I'm not sure how you plan to make the program interact with IE to post the bbcode tags and tutorial, but I would start with getting a list of the used BBcode tags, such as [img] and etc. Then get a textbox (multi-line) and have the program generate the text/bbcode and put it into the textbox. This helps you to verify that the program is properly generating the post data, and while you are working toward automating the posting process (which is a huge discussion in and of itself) you can still use it to copy/cut and paste the data into the already opened IE thread.

Thanks for reply :) have you code example of the code I need to use ? SO I can see what I need to do as I'm new to VB thank you

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