I am noob in programming, so keep it simple thank you :)

I use VS 2008 pro SP1
OS is vista Ultimate x64 SP1...(SP2 beta I will try later)

Which function is better and what are differences?

1. system ()
2. CreateProcess ()

...is there more choices?

My goal is just experiment windows coding, various things, and launcher-type program popped in my mind.

Those external applications would be example like CCleaner.exe and...defrag.exe in OS. So I would run them from single launcher.

Use CreateProcess()
It's the one native to your OS, and will ultimately give you the most control over what happens.

Use system() if you require no more sophistication than would be provided by a batch file. In other words, very basic "run & forget" approach.

okey dokey

CreateProcess it will be


Indeed createprocess is the much better choice, it gives you much more control over the outcome of everything.

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