hi to every one,
i have made two data base projects in vb.net using sql server2000 the first project is of student information and the other one is a bank project. now i want to colabrate these two projects when i enter the account number of student in student information project it verify from bank project data base that is this account is of same person or not and give a messege that user is valid so i need a code of this problem plz help me.

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i am sumit khera. i have done my bca. i am new to vb.net. kindly give me some tips. i am from india. i am keen to learning in vb.net to making new projects, creativity, designing. if you want to be my friend. do you have a software of .net if yes then send me.then note my email-id
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hi dear sumit i accept ur friendship n i will give any hint what ever i know and first tell me bca i mean what kind of degree is this? and i dnt got ur mail

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