void function(int a[5][])

in passing or even declaring a multidimensional array why is it necessary to specify the row while it's ok not to specify the column?

Because when you do this:

String [][] array2D = new String[5][];

You don't create a 2-D array, but an 1-D array that takes as 'elements' arrays. So you can do this:

array2D[0] = new String[2];
array2D[1] = new String[10];

and access like:

//array2D[0][2] : this is wrong because the first element of array2D is an array with length 2. So you need to be careful with the for loops


A bit more explanation here.

something like jagged array

something like jagged array

all there was to be said was already said. maybe it's because it's still early here, but is there a reason why you re-opened this tread?

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