I need need it to update my ListView before continueing

if (chars.Length > 0)
                        string log = string.Format("{0}:{1}", acc.Username, acc.Password);
                        sWorking += log + "\r\n";

                        foreach (IJJIAccount.GunZCharacter gc in chars)
                            log = string.Format("\t{0} - Level {1}", gc.CharName, gc.Level);
                            sWorking += log + "\r\n";


void UpdateListView()
            ListViewItem Lvi = new ListViewItem(acc.Username);
            ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem LviPassword = new ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem(Lvi, acc.Password);

Atm it updates it once the thread has finished its business but i need the check to either run on another thread or the update to finish before it continues

Yo dude, maybe something like this will work , it works for me ...


nope its fine, i just ran it in another thread :)

If you just want to update, calling application.DoEvents can have bad reactions and cause odd things, so, you can just run .Update() which causes a repaint but doesnt cause new bits of code to run :)

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