An initial question was posted as follows:
My task manager no longer has the usual tabs and i can't toggle between processes and applications.When it is called the task manager shows only the applications being run and no tabs at all. What is wrong here?
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Re: Task panel wont fully open
try dragging the window, position your cursor at the end of the window (Task Manager) until you see the arrow to enlarge, hold down your left button of your mouse then drag

I have the same problem ( it happenned while I was working on the computer) and the solution posted jsut expands the display but does not show tabs or anything but the graph of network applications. Has anyone else had this happen and, if so, how didi you fix the problem. It almost feels like a virus.

Just double click any empty gray space on the task manager and it will toggle the display.

hi ive just had same problem whit task manager. and had some luck whith the last post you have to double click on the thin grey outline at the top and that fixed my problem thnx.(on the top of the task manager just showing processes.:)

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