I am using FTP to upload and download files from my server , but it is incredibly slow...

When i use File Zilla it is really really fast, but for some reason my FTP program lags really badly, can anyone give me a reason or some help for this ??

Any Idea's would work ...


You show no code. its hard to help you without.
FileZilla may use multiple connections to achieve a higher speed, it could be poor coding leading to delays in the processing..

Make a basic command line app that downloads your file. Post the code once you've done some tests on it and tried to see if its your code causing the speed issue. (without server/username/password) and we'll try and help from there.

Such as, using your own intellegence work out and display the final download speed you got for the file you downloaded.

Then using the built in windows command line ftp, download the same file. And include the speeds you got from both.

Another thing would be to time certain events and post the result in a file, making it easier to see what takes time.

For instance a DNS lookup can take alot of time, so if you do a lookup and needs to reestablish a connection just use the IP instead of the hostname.

Hope this helps.