Hello everyone, I'm still having a problem about saving the data values of an array variable or any variable. You know, every time we run a program the values of the variables can change anytime by means of looping or other inputs that a user might do.

All I want to do is save the very last data values that has been inputted in the program. Each time a program is open and then closed, and then reopened, all the changes that has been made in all the variables in the program will get back to zero as if it was the first time you open it.

I hope I could find direct answers from all of you soon. I hope I could get some very simple sample source codes from all of you regarding this matter so that I could try to see the very direct answer that you might give and so that I could understand what you really mean even more. Seeing an example makes us understand deeply and thoroughly, right? Thank you very much...

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Ok, so you clearly defined what you want.. But you dont seem to have tried anything at all..

What options have you read about, considered, tried to code? What happened?

Try to get some notions on object serialization

Perl? OK with me, but looks a bit wierd on a C# forum...

LOL, Rapture, Concentrate! and thank Dany!
Good Dany (Y) serialization fits him

http://lisa.uni-mb.si/osebje/bonacic...ion_CSharp.htm but I have to read this first an apply it on a simple windows application. Now I have to read this with thorough and deep understanding, I hope I could understand this deeply oh my God... wish you could help me... but anyway thanks for this and I hope I could find another answers from other professionals tomorrow or soon... thank you very much...

Take a look at the serialization posts on the MSDN help pages, they give a good example, and its scaryingly easy.

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