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i want to make error handling but a complete ones. i was done with exception (ex) but i need a little bit more like error line,error number or other. does any one know how to do this?

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you can use err object. this object was built in vb.net.
i will give a simple code for u
try this following code :

sub main()
10:       on error goto errHandling
20:       dim a as integer = 2
30:       dim b as integer = 7
40:       dim c as integer
50:       z = x / y
60:       console.writeline("Value of c : " & c)
70:       exit sub
                 dim ErrMsg as string
                 ErrMsg = "Error Number = " & err.number
                 ErrMsg = chr(13)
                 ErrMsg = "Error Description = " & err.Description
                 ErrMsg = chr(13)
                 ErrMsg = "Erorr Line = " & err.erl
                 resume next
end sub

you can use err.clear to clear every err object property
err.source to show object name or application which error provides.

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Thx buddy
not understand :(
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