I posted a thread yesterday and got an excellent tip from vqueen71 (I think) but I am still having a problem.

I need to find out the location of a user's desktop location. I have used the Environ("userprofile" and the SHGetFolderPath. The first returns the standard profile setting for windows on the C: drive. Om my nachine the SHGetFolderPath gives me the correct answer to my C: drive.

On my client's machine where they have I believe Roaming Profiles connected to a Win2003 server. The roaming profile then redirects the user's profile to a networked drive.

I need to be able to determine where the Roaming Profile has redirected the userprofile to.

as an update to this post my client now says they don't use Roaming Profiles they use Folder Redirection. Does this affect the way I can read these locations ?