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help you with what?
if you want to make a website in jsp, just make it

it's no use asking us to 'help' you, if you don't state what you need help with .. 'coding' is a very large section of the process, you know ...
you'll need to code the jsp files, the xml-files, if you plan on using struts or a similar framework, your servlets, ...

just start coding away, there are tons of examples on the net, but asking questions like this, you're bound to get negative replies


I remember you starting another thread with the same topic, just a few days back. There too you were asking for help on such a broad topic that even someone who honestly wants to help you won't know where to start from.

Is there any obstacle that stops you from reading the meaning of our posts. If there are any let me try putting them aside.

We are ready to help you kinjal1717u, it's just that whether you are going to ask us questions about where you have got stuck, or are you just going to keep on posting useless threads that ask for help but don't give us a clue where to start from.

Let me give you an example, it's like calling 911, screaming for HELP and then hanging up without telling them where you are or how to reach you.
Don't assume us to be like the 911, we are not going to trace your call location and come running for help, we have other IMP things to do.
PS : For god's sake some of us might have girlfriends here. ;)

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