Hey guys.

In C++, if I wanted to read strings into an array I would do this:

std::string theWord = "";

for ( int i = 0; i <= SIZE; i++ ) {
   std::getline ( std::cin, stringArray[ i ] );

In C, I am having trouble comming up with a method that works
as simply.

I have come up with this:

nt i;

	char data[ ARRAY_SIZE ] = { '\0' },
		 theWord[ 80 ];

 	puts("Enter ten strings:");

	for ( i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE; i++ ) {
		fgets( theWord, sizeof( theWord ), stdin );
		data[ i ] += theWord;

But I am getting an error. I know using gets() is bad so I am trying to use fgets() like above. Am I on the right track?

Actually in C++ it's just istream.getline(array_name, block_size); , or with strings getline(istream, string_name); .

Also don't you need strncat() to append data? You would also probably need a 2D array to hold multiple strings.

data[ i ] += theWord; Remember, strings are not variables in C, but a sequence of chars terminated by the '\0'. Assignment can not be achieved directly, you have to use a piece of code that would assign one char at a time respectively.
strcpy(), strncpy(), strcat() and strncat() are standard functions that will handle some of these tasks. Make sure you include string.h header file. fgets( theWord, sizeof( theWord ), stdin ); Do not assume that fgets() will always be able to read successfully.
Only if..

if (fgets(theWord, sizeof theWord, stdin) != NULL)
    /* then copy or concatenate the read string */

What i understood from your question is that you are trying to read multiple strings in a single array..Then i think you need to take two dimensional array...see the code below:


int main()
    char  arr[5][20];
    int i;
    for (i=0;i<5;i++)
        printf("\n Enter the string :");

        printf("\n %s \n",arr[i]);

    return 0;

Hope this helps you out...

Fine 'MosaicFuneral'......Thanks for the alert...i'll keep this thing in mind

What are the rules Mosaic Funeral?

Me ansh, your code was actually exactly what I happened to be looking for, thank you!

hey cpp addict check this out. It is same as me_ansh but i have done some different type of coding. hope this will help u....
void main()
char n[30];
int i=0,len=0;
printf("Enter the string: ");
while (n[i++]!='\0')

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