I want to build one Form that is a Parent window
and two windows for child windows
but my problem is this a code .I glad to see your suggest for this problem

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dear nish here
do one thing first take mdi control from tool box
then write done any name like if on menu strip u gave File then in its below if u write New

now u have two things forms File & New

now in solution xplorer whatever ur pr ject name is given do right click on dat choose add windows form u get a dialog box then
write the name of the form As u specified in ur menu strip like File.cs
it vwill be added
now cum 2 ur main form where u made menu strip
double click on File u will get code window
now do this same as i done
File f=new File();
do the same vid other optin as welljust change the name of file
now when u run ur form click on the file u will get a new form
byee take care

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