When an object is created are these stored on the client CLR or in the Server CLR?

or if im completly off

where are objects stored after instantiation??

Thanks in advance :)

In memory heap if it's reference type e.g (eobject from class), in memory stack if it's value type e.g (object from struct)

yea ok.. so is the memory heap that you are referring to is that client side or server side?

so if I create an employee object or user object etc is that object being stored on the server or on the client node machine?

therefore when using an object are you still interfacing with the server??

Wherever the code is run.
So, unless you use .net remoting for a windows/mono app then most likely its on the client. But if you're talking asp.net (theres a forum for that) it would be the server end..

yes sorry i was talking in terms of asp.net and did not realise there was a different forum for this so i appologise again

but thanks LizR you have answered my question