I want to develop a video application using a tv tuner from Aver media Avertv hybrid ultra usb. I need to know how to control the tv tuner: issuing cpmmands such as " pause, read, write, record, timing command etc ".

operating system : windows vista.
programming language: C++
platform: compaq laptop cq70-118A

I also need to know its address, memory map, etc
How and where can i get this information?
The windows peripheral manager indicates that the device is under the audio, video and game controller. it shows its port and hub number.


As I'm guessing you've not got the headers for the video driver dll's or some kind of SDK for your video device....

If you have the device running with a driver already you should be looking at the following:

1. DirectShow SDK
-- Old but still useful for accessing video devices.
2. Windows Media SDK
-- I've not used this but it's the updated version of the above that microsoft recomend for interfacing with video devices in windows vista.

(Both work.)

If you have no drivers for your device:
3. Go download them from the product's site.
4. Write your own windows drivers for the device. (See Windows Driver Development Kit (DDK), Windows Driver Kit (WDK), Windows Driver Foundation (WDF))

From your phrasing of the question I'd imagine driver development was going to be over your head (no offense intended). If you already have a driver and would only like to write your own application, check out the first two options I've listed above.

Learning to write filter graphs from a beginners point of view can be quite a daunting task and if you fall into this category I'd advise you need a fair amount of time to write this applicaiton.

If I've completely misunderstood the point you've made please forgive me, I'm going to be blaming the pub and beer :)