Hello everyone.
I'm having some trouble with a game I recently made for a class. It's a beginner's Java class, so the teacher didn't mind the problem, but it's been really bugging me. My game is a Tower Defense, but it blinks every time the enemy moves. Rapidly blinks. My teacher suggested Double Buffering, but I have absolutely no idea what that is, and Google wasn't really a big help. Does anyone know how I can fix the blinking in my game?
I know it's because I am repainting every second, but I don't know an alternative to it.

Specifying what your game is written in or what kind of classes you are using would at least give us a clue on what to suggest.

Here are some useful links I got when I googled for Double buffering :-


Also if are interested is making games in Java you might be interested in the JMonkeyEngine mentioned in the sticky Starting Java.