For one of my programs i want to be able to graph the performance of things in a graph. The thing is that this graph constantly made a little bit longer with every second that passes. So i was wondering what paintDC to use. And how to use it. Because i have looked at PaintDC, clientDC and BufferedDC but i cant work out how to make it so they remember what they have painted on them and only add the stuff i want to append on.


In the past I've used matplotlib for a real-time data logging utility. It already had a control that took no effort on my part to integrate into wxPython, and because it was very similar to matlab, it took minimal effort to manipulate the graph's data...

I suggest looking into it and if it suits your needs I can share some examples of integrating it into a wxApp

Ah ha! Thats perfect. A few examples would be absolutley lovely.