I'm trying to make a table in VB but I'm not sure how to do it. Basically it will have two columns and an undefined amount of rows. Whenever the user gets to the last row a new row is created. Each cell has a dynamically named variable with it. Can anyone give me some ideas?

If this doesn't work, my other idea was to insert a spreadsheet into the program, like from excel. Is there any way to do that?

Create a table in permanent data repository with defined structure (two columns, ....)
Use control called DataGridView or GridView which links the form to the table to Add\Edit\Delete and show the data from the table to the user in the form.
- What you need is to know how to create table in e.g Access, SQL Server, etc I prefer to use Access
- Learn what's OLE DB, and how to make use of DataGridView.
Try that and reply again.