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Depends on what you mean by IDE.

I wholeheartedly recommend Geany as generic choice.

It's cross platform actually. I think of it as a hybrid between and IDE and a text-editor. It has some nice IDE oriented features, but few enough so that it's quite quick.


I still like to use DrPython, but you need to instal the wxPython GUI toolkit first (something you should have anyway). DrPython has some neat downloadable plugins like 'codehelp' and 'run from buffer'.

Simply extract the zip file into your Python folder. You can download it from:
(Windows and Linux versions)
other info at ...

Another rather robust IDE I have used is UliPad, download from: http://code.google.com/p/ulipad/
For instance ulipad.3.9.exe is a full Windows installer and brings along Python and wxPython for Windows computers that don't have Python installed. UliPad handles a large number of computer languages, not just Python.


I'm long user of Wing IDE (firstly 101 and now Personal Ed.) I also Agree that DrPython is good. For geekish stuffs Emacs or Vim. I suggest Vim and book by Swaroop C.H. a byte of Vim


thanks at the moment i have programmers notepad but i really want something that will allow you to test the code and that is also cross platform, i am looking at ulipad but if i dont find that usefull do you know any free ones that i could use?

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