I am a newcomer in programming. Just beginning to learn C. Now my university text book is

A Book On C- by Al kelley and Ira Pohl

But i heard that C primer plus-by stephen prata is also a good one. I also heard that Expert C programming and The C programming Language are must have books as well.

I wanted to know how u people learned the C language. Which book would be the best to start with? I do have a little programming experience in BASIC.

I have recently done coding a program in C. Get the attachment of the source code. Some people said that dont go for C --just learn the basics. they told me to head for C++ rightaway. Do u people agree with that?

Before running the source code. Change the path of the initgraph function accordingly. And dont forget to give me a thumbs up :) if u like my program.

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I am not a huge C programmer, but the best one I have seen (and I'm sure some other people would agree) is the Kernigan and Ritchie C book. (Spelling?) Awesome book that teaches nice, clean coding habits.


I have learned programmin top down: VB - Php - C++. I have to admit that starting at C and going up would be much more better, since you almost always need to use and understand some old C libraries. Thus I suggest against skipping C and going for C++ directly.

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