I'm fairly new to using C++, but I'd like to make a game like Krypto. To start off, I just need to learn how to make int a - f be a random number between 1 and 100.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main ()

 int a; 
 int b; 
 int c; 
 int d; 
 int e; 
 int f;
 string mystr;

a = 5;
b = 10;
c = 15;
d = 20;
e = 25;
f = 30;

cout << "Are you ready to play Krypto \n \n";
getline (cin, mystr);
cout << "\nThen let's play! \n" << a << ", " << b << ", " << c << ", " << d << ", " << e << ", Should Equal..\n" << f << "\n";
cout << "\nUse order of operations to solve, then Input the answer you find. \n \n";
getline (cin, mystr);
return 0;     

so, simply, I want a, b, c, d, e, and f be a random number each time.
How would I accomplish this?

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Use rand() function. If you want truly random values at each program execution, use srand() function and put time() (returns the time in seconds since a given start moment) as the parameter for srand().

Again, look for other references for more info about these functions.


How would I make it so that rand() is just 1-100?
(i tried doing rand(1-100), too no avail.)


Her is an example,

#include <ctime>

int a = rand() % 10 +1;

this code stores a value between 1and 10 :)



The modulo operator (%) returns the remainder of integer division.

So, if you want a random number between A and B, you just call rand() and you do A + rand() % B. Note that this formula excludes B as a possible result.

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